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Support to be ME!

Emotional and Social Skills Therapy

For 5-16 year olds

What I do

I have worked with hundreds of children and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions over the past fifteen years, working with children of all levels of ability and emotional and social difficulties. I am passionate about using my skills to help people with neurodevelopmental conditions. I work in an individualised and gently challenging way with each child I see. You can be assured that I work with unrivalled enthusiasm and commitment to the best possible outcomes for your child.

Being dyspraxic myself I have a thorough understanding of what it feels like to have a neurodevelopmental condition, and the emotional, social and life challenges it can bring. Children often really enjoy being able to speak to an adult professional who 'gets it'.

My approach is a combination of psychotherapy and respectful emotional and social teaching. I have experience and training in adapting Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness specifically for young people with Autism. Many children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions struggle with aspects of executive functioning such as processing information, working memory or understanding time and change. I am used to adapting my therapeutic approach as well as helping children to understand these strengths and difficulties. My work with teens can include coaching and motivational interviewing techniques to assist them with developing organisational and study skills. I am also trained to produce and use official Social Stories for individuals who find social concepts difficult to grasp.

Difficulties I help with

My aim is to help children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions to achieve their best potential in a world that isn't always able or willing to adapt to people who are different. Differences should be celebrated and supported.

I am able to see children and young people who are suspected of having a neurodevelopmental condition but are awaiting assessment, as well as those who have traits but have not met the diagnostic threshold.

Location and Cost

I usually hold the sessions at your child's home, as it helps them to feel as comfortable as possible, meaning that they are more able to work therapeutically. I am based in South Devon and cover Totnes, Torbay, Ivybridge and Newton Abbot (please see the map below).

I also use a therapy room in Totnes when this is appropriate.

If you are not local, please still do get in contact as there are a number of options which may be suitable, such as sessions via Skype.

Each session is one hour long and costs £65, including travel to your home (if applicable) and any materials/resources. Block booking discounts are available.

Please get in touch for further information, you can contact me here.

“It’s impossible to choose one thing about how Dr Emma helps me when EVERYTHING we do is so helpful.
It’s difficult to explain how much it helps me with my worries, she helps me feel less worried in my whole life.”

Support to be ME! client - Age 9

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​•    Self esteem and self-identity
•    Emotional literacy
•    Social understanding
•    Anger and frustration
•    Difficulties with change:

      - Changing routines e.g. from one school to another
      - Changes in relationships e.g. parent separation
      - Bereavement / loss
•    Anxiety

•    Low mood​

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Neurodevelopmental conditions

My Therapeutic Approach