• Matt T

The Dyspraxic Doctor is poorly

Hello everyone - I'm Emma's husband Matt. I'm sorry but Emma is quite unwell at the moment. She really is not good at being ill and hates that she cant carry on as per normal. I don't think she will be back to work until mid-March. Until then you'll all have to put up with me instead!

So here's a few quick tips about being unwell whilst also having Dyspraxia from me, a total novice!

1. Set a timer on your phone for medications.

2. With no work, normal routines go out the window: so make up a new "I'm poorly" routine that you can stick to.

3. If you're not well, you're at greater risk of dyspraxcidents so allow a bit more time or ask for some help.

4. You can totally milk this for cups of tea on demand!

Well that's it from me. I'll try and pop back again :)